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What is eco-cleaning??

Ecology is increasingly entering the various spheres of life, including household cleaning. You may have come across the term eco-cleaning before. But what does it really mean and is it a trend you should follow? In this article we will try to dispel your doubts.


A clean house is undoubtedly a cozy living space where people like to spend time. Regular cleaning is important not only for aesthetic sensation, but also for health, because in the dust live dangerous dust mites and microorganisms. It should not be surprising that we want to keep our home tidy.

Was ist täglich zu beachten?

Consumers want to know the composition

In drugstores today you can find a number of different cleaning products. When choosing such products, we used to be guided mainly by their effectiveness, because we wanted everything to shine without the hassle of scrubbing. But times are changing, and consumers are asking more and more questions.

When we buy cleaning products today, we want to be sure that their composition is completely safe for our health. 

And it turns out that the mere fact that a product is approved for sale is no guarantee that we are dealing with substances we can trust. Classic household chemicals are often neither well described nor adequately tested. Indeed, they can contain both allergenic and irritating substances such as chlorine compounds, phosphates, triclosan and artificial fragrances. This is shown by a study conducted by Swiss scientists that examined 105 common laundry detergents, 75% of which contained irritants, 64% of which were defined as "harmful" and 28% of which contained corrosive substances.

High risk for children

The presence of aggressive chemicals in cleaning products can have far-reaching consequences for our health. These ingredients enter the body unhindered and disrupt its function. To make matters worse, many chemicals are deposited in the human body and can react with each other in an uncontrolled manner. People with chronic diseases and children are most at risk.


Researchers at two American institutions, the University of California at San Francisco and the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health, decided to study the effects of such substances on the fetus in the womb. The conclusions from the two independent experiments were consistent: a number of pollutants were detected in the developing organisms, including some that are considered carcinogens.

Analyzing blood samples taken from women of childbearing age and children as young as five over a 16-year period, researchers at the Grossman School of Medicine at New York University came to other disturbing conclusions. According to them, the substances contained in household chemicals can disrupt kidney, thyroid and brain function. In the youngest, they have been linked to the development of disorders such as autism. The researchers found that they can also lead to a drop in a child's IQ and concentration problems.


Fortunately, consumers are increasingly aware that popular products can contain harmful ingredients. For the conscious customer, therefore, nice packaging and a strong advertising slogan are no longer the arguments that decide whether to buy household chemicals.

What is eco-cleaning?

Since the current preparations are not what we imagined, the search began for alternatives that are both effective and completely safe. This is how the trend of eco-cleaning developed. It consists of replacing conventional cleaning products based on aggressive chemical substances with preparations that are neutral to health and environmentally friendly. Where to get them?


Many people prepare their own special preparations, made from ingredients that can be found in almost any kitchen, referring to the recipes of our great-grandmothers. However, there are also less elaborate methods, and the number of manufacturers of ready-made preparations is constantly increasing.


Home remedies for a clean home


With a little more time and patience, we can prepare home remedies with which we can clean up, and according to the principles of ecological cleaning. What exactly can we use?



Since it effectively removes stains, dirt and lime deposits, it is recommended for cleaning bathrooms. Its disadvantage is that it does not have a very pleasant smell. This can be remedied by adding a little lemon juice.



Lemon juice diluted with water helps get rid of dirt. It is often used for cleaning kitchen utensils.



It is one of the most popular ingredients in environmentally friendly homemade cleaning products. It is suitable for removing stains, removes even difficult to remove dirt and is even used to clean burnt pots. It has disinfecting properties and neutralizes bad odors.




It is used, among other things, to care for wooden furniture, to remove stains, to remove burn marks from irons or tarnish from silverware.



Together with vinegar, it is part of a liquid that can be successfully used for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. In addition, it is an effective insect repellent.



A very versatile agent that is often included in an all-purpose cleaner. It can be used to mop wooden floors or clean toilet bowls. It can also be used as a stain remover.



Glycerine is used in furniture cleaning because it effectively removes dust and dirt and gives surfaces a glossy finish. Furniture washed with a glycerine solution is less prone to dust deposits.

Grüne Reinigungsmittel als sichere Alternative

Eco-cleaning can be simple and cheap!

Do you need the necessary knowledge for ecological cleaning to be able to make preparations yourself? Not necessarily! You can also look for a store that offers ready-made cleaning products with the ECO seal. Every year, more and more of such products appear on the market. Manufacturers always indicate the full composition of their products to emphasize their compatibility. That is, we can be sure that they do not contain hazardous substances.

Products with the prefix "ECO" in their name are usually associated with higher prices than conventional products. 

This need not be the case with cleaning products. If you know your stuff, you can find people- and environmentally-friendly products on store shelves at very reasonable prices. These include environmentally friendly products for cleaning the bathroom, floor or dishwasher detergent, but also tablets and gels, for example, for dishwashers.

Choose a cleaning company that takes care of your health!

Eco-cleaning is not a fad that will go out of style in the blink of an eye. There are numerous advantages. This trend has a positive impact on the health of household members, who are not exposed to classic chemicals with aggressive effects. Switching to "eco" products can prevent ailments such as shortness of breath, watery eyes and a constricted throat. It also reduces the risk of contracting dangerous diseases to which prolonged exposure to chemicals contributes. This is also a tribute to the environment, for which such preparations also pose a risk, as they disrupt the biological balance when they enter groundwater, rivers and lakes. 

Environmentally friendly preparations are also often cheaper than the classic ones, whose manufacturers spend a lot of money on marketing.

If you want to hire an external company to clean your home or office, be sure to ask what cleaning products they use. If you live in the canton of Bern or run a business and want to have services performed with products that are absolutely safe for people and the environment, we recommend our services! You can be sure that at Sophie's Reinigungen we pay attention to even the smallest details and give priority to health aspects. We only use proven and, most importantly, affordable products that are free of hazardous chemicals. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with an offer tailored to your needs.